Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Curse Of The Phantom Queen

Hi, it's Bluestar101888 here! I want to make a creepypasta, which will be an EPIC FAIL. Well, hopefully this will be a great creepypasta... ^.^
---- End of Message----
I was  getting on Animal Jam and logging on my account, Bluestar10188, like I always did. It went to the Animal Jam Play Screen, but the background was  a dark creepy forest with  bloody red skies.  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. The server screen came up. At first it looked normal, but then I noticed something. The green circles were bloody red, and the servers had no names. I clicked a random server. The loading screen came up.    I saw a  bloody wolf with wings ripping out the intestines of a Jammer.  This was not normal. The little tip said ' Run for your lives, Jammers!' I thought the tip was stupid, but when the game started, the news came up. It said, " Phantoms Are attacking Jamaa!"  The picture showed  phantoms attacking innocent Jammers. I noticed that  the bloody  wolf with wings I saw on the loading screen was among the phantoms,  ripping open an  elephant. I tried to close out the tab, but  an  error, as I called it, appeared. It said,  " The tab cannot close out at this time." I was freaked out. I tried to restart the computer, but it  stayed the same. I read the newsletter. It said, " Phantoms are attacking Jamaa!  Jammers, run for your lives or fight  and be killed! If you are killed, you will be turned into a phantom!  Two Jammers will be  chosen to be the Phantom Queen and King! If you are chosen, you will be killed and eaten, and the animal you are using will be a phantom wolf, giraffe, etc. Good luck, Jammers!" I closed out the newsletter, and took a look at Jamaa   Township. I saw a bunny being killed by phantoms. Its spirit rose, then turned into an evil, black, one-eyed  phantom. After seeing that, I  clicked the down arrow and started to  make my animal run. Suddenly, phantoms picked  me up.   The rule tab came up, but instead of giving me a warning, it said:
You were chosen to be the Phantom Queen! Your wolf will be eaten and turned into a black phantom wolf with wings!"  I wondered why there were so much details. Suddenly I saw  a castle. It looked normal. Not.
The ground was covered with the guts, eyeballs, and bones of Jammers. I let out a scream, disturbed by what I was seeing. Had Animal Jam turned into a  rated M  site?! I tried to break the computer, but it wouldn't break. I hit the computer with a hammer  like an idiot, but it still didn't break." WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON?!" I screamed. Suddenly, I saw phantoms taking my wolf into the castle. The walls were bloody, and the items in the castle were made out of organs. I saw  the head of a  rhino on the wall.  The eyeballs were removed from the sockets. I looked at it, then sobbed like a little scared girl.   Suddenly, the phantoms ripped my animal apart. I saw the intestines of my animal. They looked realistic, as if the makers of Animal  Jam  had  looked at  the intestines of an animal while making the game.  The phantoms ate my wolf."THIS IS  TERRIFYING! WHO WOULD EVEN ADD THIS TO A KIDS' GAME?!" I screamed.
Suddenly,  smoke started to cover my wolf. It faded, and my wolf was a vicious looking phantom wolf with wings. It had the teeth of wolves for claws, and lion fangs for its teeth. 'Why lion fangs for a phantom wolf?' I thought. Suddenly,  I saw another wolf that looked just the same, but its eyes were boy eyes. Suddenly the loading screen appeared, and a tip appeared." Get ready to kill!" it said. " That's just stupid!" I said. Suddenly,  we were in Jamaa Township.  The two phantom wolves, along with the phantoms, started to kill Jammers, ripping them and electrocuting them one by one. I didn't even have to control my wolf. It ripped open Jammers. I watched the terrifying scene, unable to move.   Suddenly, my wolf came to a dead bunny that hadn't been turned into a phantom. It  ripped its throat out, then ate the rest. When did Animal Jam transform from a kid-friendly site to a terrifying, gory,  mature game? I saw a living Jammer, the only living Jammer.  A message came up." This  Jammer survived, and he is Captain Toughjammer!" it said.  A bunny started to dance. The phantoms disappeared.  The Phantom King's eyes fell from its sockets, and its skin came off, revealing its organs and bones. The organs fell on the ground, and the skeleton fell. My wolf's eyes came out of its  sockets, and its skin  came off, also revealing organs and bones. Its skeleton fell to the ground."  i survived!"  Captain Toughjammer said." but my friends didn't :(" He made a cry emote, and then my screen  went black a message appeared." You were gone for too long and got logged out!" it said. It usually added more when I got logged off.  I didn't even press OK, but the screen went to the  " Animal Jam is Offline!" screen. My computer then went off. I sobbed like a little baby and ran outside. I was never going to play Animal Jam ever again.
    ----- END OF STORY-----
Well, I hope  you enjoyed that stupid crap. It wasn't even scary, or creepy!  Tell me how I did in the comments. Bye!